Why VR Esports can be the best cardio.

We all know that competition builds better strategic and technical skills, but the physical progress is also something to consider.

After watching the explosion of esports into mainstream popularity, to the point where ESPN is now hosting it's own Esports events through mainly athletics-focused media channels. We see how VR can play a huge role in this industry due to the immersive and physical nature of playing in Virtual Reality.

Whether is a first person shooter game or chopping up some beats with Beat Saber your body is actually burning up a good amount of calories. I think we finally figured out a way to turn playing video games into exercise.

The key point of virtual reality, after all, is immersion, the sense that you’re both somewhere, and someone, else. And if it lets you pretend for a few minutes that you’re a person who actually gets a kick out of getting their heart rate up, well, who can say that’s so bad?

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