STEPS WE TAKE to have a safe VR experience 

• We conduct daily health checks for our staff.

• We will ask to take everyone's temperature when entering our location.


• Masks will be worn by staff at all times. We will also have masks available for guests if needed.


• We have VR disposable face covers for any guest that would like to use them.

• We have many hand sanitizer stations throughout our facility. Each station is visible, and clearly marked with a sign.

• We are now spending extra time to clean all controllers, headsets, and face masks after every use, thus we have added additional time to properly clean all equipment between every guest.​

• All light switches, doorknobs, seats, tables and tablets are regularly sanitized. Anything that we think someone might touch is sanitized more often.

• We use only EPA approved and CDC recommended disinfectants at our facility. 

• UV-C light has been repeatedly proven to be effective against all types of bacteria, viruses & fungi, It has been proven to kill SARS & MERS. We use UV-C technology on all of our equipment in addition to our disinfection process.  

• Due to our layout we are able to have anywhere from 10ft and upto 50ft of glorious physical distancing space between guests while still all being in the same virtual environment together. 

• We have added 10ft tall dividers between sections for added safety. 


We will continue to learn all we can about the Coronavirus and adjust our preparation plans as often as daily if required. We ask that all of our guests be diligent about washing and sanitizing hands always. For the safety of our staff, please stay home if you are feeling under the weather.  


At Xperiment VR we want all our guests to always feel safe. With these measures we believe that our location continues to be a very safe choice for your family & friends. 

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