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E-Sports/Virtual Reality Camp

 Aug 14-18
Xperiment VR - Trumbull
9:00am to 12:00pm


This summer we will be running our first Esports/Virtual Reality summer camp for middle and high schoolers. The game of choice is Rocket League. Our coach, Bryant Recker is the Captain of McGill University’s Rocket League team and has coached at McGill, University, Concordia University, and at Trumbull High School.

He will not only be teaching your kids the strategies of Rocket League but also how to maintain a positive mindset. He will also provide them with useful information about collegiate-level esports and scholarship opportunities.


Here are some points that we will focus on to help them cultivate a healthy lifestyle:

  • Staying positive in the face of adversity.

  • Taking responsibility for your team's success, and not blaming others.

  • Having high confidence in your ability, by having a healthy relationship with yourself.

  • Improving based on high repetition and positive self-evaluation.

  • Practicing in moderation, and taking breaks when necessary.

  • The best way to give and take constructive criticism.

  • And most importantly, having fun!

Along with teaching how to improve your mindset and in-game skill, they will answer questions like, how to join a collegiate team, how to get esports scholarships, how to sign up for leagues, and the best ways to improve to prepare for collegiate level rocket league. Kids will also be able to try out and participate in various Virtual Reality games, and Stem Activities.

Very Limited Space Available!

Price: $350/person for the Full Week

Multi-child Discount: $50

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